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Pretty Claws Soft Nail Caps for Cats and Dogs

What are Pretty Claws ?

PRETTY CLAWS – THE AMERICAN DIFFERENCE Pretty Claws are 100% American manufactured soft nail caps for cats and dogs.  We are located in the Buckeye state of Ohio, founded by patriotic pet lovers. Foreign made nail caps pervade the marketplace, and while inexpensive, they can harm your pet.  Foreign manufacturing generally have little to no […]

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Pretty Claws Sizing Chart

Before applying nail caps, test for proper size Try a cap on first without adhesive. If it’s too big or has any wiggle, don’t glue it on. The nail cap should fit snugly, like a glove. Cats  Kitten – Less than 6 months old These will fit most kittens by the time they reach the […]

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How to Apply Pretty Claws

Pretty Claws Application Instructions Pretty Claws can be applied in four simple steps  Always ensure the right size by trying a cap on your pet’s nail without adhesive, it should fit snugly.  Never force on nail caps if your pet becomes agitated.  If this happens, please allow your pet to relax naturally.  You may need […]

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Shipping Information

Pretty Claws offers Free Shipping to the US, including military PO addresses ! Shipping Information All orders are fulfilled within one business day of having been placed.  Pretty Claws ships to all US states, territories, bases, and international countries unless prohibited by law. Shipping is completed Mon – Sat excluding US holidays or any other […]

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