What are Pretty Claws ?


Pretty Claws are 100% American manufactured soft nail caps for cats and dogs.  We are located in the Buckeye state of Ohio, founded by patriotic pet lovers.

Foreign made nail caps pervade the marketplace, and while inexpensive, they can harm your pet.  Foreign manufacturing generally have little to no standards, and the end product can have hazards such as oil secretion, sizing and thickness inconsistencies, harmful chemicals used as dyes, and toxicity in adhesives.

Pretty Claws multi stage manufacturing and quality control ensure that you and your pets will always have the best.

Nail Caps were invented by veterinarian Dr. Toby Wexler, as a humane and effective solution to cat and dog scratching problems. Nail Caps are an alternative to declawing for your cats.  They are equally as helpful for your dogs, not just as scratch stoppers, but also to provide your dog with extra grip on hardwood and other flooring to help prevent slipping.

Each kit contains everything required to apply the nail caps at home.  We include safe and non-toxic adhesive in each package.  You will not need to worry even if your pet swallows a nail cap, as dried adhesive and nail caps will safely pass through their digestive system. Each kit contains enough adhesive for a full application of Pretty Claws, and just in case you need more, we also provide additional adhesives for order.

Application is simple. Just follow our simple 4 step instruction guide for quick and easy application.

Pets prefer Pretty Claws. Pretty Claws will not interfere with your cat’s claw retraction.  Cats will still be able to use scratching posts and engage in other normal behaviors while wearing Pretty Claws.  However, Pretty Claws are not recommended for outdoor cats as they will not be able to climb.  Dogs will equally love Pretty Claws and usage does not in any way limit any exercise or play behaviors.

Pretty Claws are available in the perfect size for your pet. Please reference our size guidelines to determine the right fit for your pet.

We are here to help you !  If you have any other questions or need help with sizing please contact us and we will be happy to help.